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Geordie Wilson

Geordie Wilson

For more than 20 years, it’s been clear the newspaper industry was headed for a reckoning with the future. Now it’s here, and much hangs on the outcome.

In this blog I’ll explore what the newspaper industry’s ongoing transformation looks like from the perspective of a small city daily newspaper publisher.

About me:

I’ve been a reporter, an editor, a marketer at Microsoft, publisher of weekly and daily newspapers, a carpenter, a dotcom consultant, an outdoor gear retail sales clerk and an environmental policy researcher, not necessarily in that order. From 2005 to 2010 I was publisher of the Concord Monitor in Concord, NH, and then I served for a time as vice president of online strategy for Newspapers of New England, the Monitor’s parent company. In July, 2011, I became publisher of the The Frederick News-Post in Frederick, MD.

I’m a fourth-generation publisher and a print loyalist. But I’ve also been working for almost two decades to understand and take advantage of the technologies that are presenting such threats to and, perhaps, opportunities for practitioners of community-based journalism.

This blog is not intended to reflect the “official” views of my employers; it is a personal blog. Your comments are welcome. To contact me directly, please use my Google mail account, geordie.wilson(@)gmail.com.